A little about me...

I love science, Dungeons & Dragons and other games, and coffee. When it's the season, I can't get enough eggnog.



I graduated from Western Washington University in 2019 with a Bachelor of Science degree where I double majored in Physics and pure Mathematics with a minor in Astronomy.

I am currently a graduate student at Central Washington University in the Computational Science Master of Science program. Under the advice of Dr. Piacsek, my thesis is centered on the idea of creating a computational model of an acoustic analogue of gravitational black holes (i.e. acoustic black holes). Potential topics for further focus are: acoustic cloaking, and cosmological modelling.

Scientific Computing

I have lead and contributed to several projects in scientific computing. The most significant of which (so far) is my contribution to research lead by Dr. Brandon Peden studying how the microscopic structure of rigidly rotating molecules influences the many-body behavior of ground-state, Bose-Einstein condensates. Specifically, I discovered a second order phase transition between liquid-crystal-like axial phases driven by the competition between the quadrupole-quadrupole interaction and the interaction with the external electric field gradient.

Other notable projects include:

- Finding Mercury's chirp signal with first order relativistic corrections via fourth-order symplectic integration [GitHub]

- Finding the minimum spanning tree of a graph via Prim's algorithm [GitHub]

- Finding the best word for each guess in a game of Wordle [GitHub]

Science Communication

In an ideal universe, in addition to being a teaching professor of physics and research on the side, I would also be the science consultant for a TV show like Stargate SG-1.

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