Nathaniel W. Chapman

Science, on the computer


I solve problems, so you don't have to.

Scientific Computing

Every modern scientific problem is too complex to be done by hand. With my experience in scientific computing, I am able to identify and implement the best approach to a problem to get the best solution in the least amount of time.

Technical Communication

A result is worthless if people can't understand it. With my ability to distill a solution down to the most fundamental components, I am able to translate highly technical processes and results into language and intuitive examples that anyone can understand.

Science Communication

Science is cool, some people just need to be shown. I am able to bring science to the interested and synthesize the most important parts so everyone can understand and try for themselves.

Scientific Research

Researching something just means that you're the first to learn it. Because I have contributed original research (see Portfolio), I am adept with the grant application process as well as presenting at conference proceedings.